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Contact Name: Jaric Karepov

Organization: WebToDesigns


Telephone: 96846260

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How it works

How prBlaze works


Distribution Is Queen
Reach 1,000 of users with a hit of a button and share you company news with people who want to know what is happening right now, today.

Quick Reach
Spread your news within 24-hours of submitting a Press Release, PR Blaze will send out a network wide notification for publishers to publish.

Marketing Plus
Add prBlaze to your marketing efforts. Your news is newsworthy and people want to read about it. Use our network to spread the news.

Reputation Enhancement
The internet is vast, there are pages of content about your company. Make sure the content is positive, fill the internet with positive content and enhance your internet reputation.


Content is King
You are in the business of content. Creating and sharing news. prBlaze leverages it’s network to make sure brands and companies distribute great content right to your inbox.

Verified Content
All content is requested to have a contact person who must authenticate the news. Once the content is verified, you will receive it.

Timely Delivery
Every morning you will receive a list of the latest content distributed through prBlaze. Our publishers network is notified every 24 hours.

Relevant Content
Receive content that is relevant to your readers. Subscribe to the Network List that you want and enjoy the flow of content.

Distribution. Reach a Network of Publishers that can spread your news to thousands of daily readers. Daily distribution allows prBlaze to reach a continuous flow of readers and give you a chance to be part of the news.

Fast. Uninterrupted daily notifications. The platform works nonstop, on a daily basis to deliver content to publishers. Express Blaze allows for an immediate send out of your content to the Network of Publishers for immediate release.

Quality Networks. An updated network of verified publishers and up to date metrics on websites allows for a constant validation of the network to assure maximum distribution with every submission.

Simple. Write your news, press release, announcement, promotion in 4 simple steps. Send to a nationwide network of publishers. Measure the reach and publication rate of all content distributed through prBlaze.

Cost. Pay per release and receive 100% distribution rate every time. Now charge per amount of emails, no charge on open rate, no charge on impressions. A simple fixed distribution fee every time you use prBlaze.